60 years history in Non Destructive Testings

CGM, acronym of Corrado Gianni Milano, an experience rooted in the field of Non-Destructive Testing for 60 years.

During the II World War, Mr. Corrado Gianni, founder of the company, shined as saboteur of enemy’s vessels. He was used to always wear a good luck charm: a little seahorse. Once the war ended, Mr. Gianni crowned his talisman as the symbol of his company, which is still represented nowadays by that tiny seahorse. Founded in 1958, the trading activity was expanded to many fields such as textile testings, automatisms, hydraulic and electromechanical transmissions. Later, the NDT business was favoured by the increasing demand of quality testing in the industrial field. In the meantime, in the 60’s, the first production began in Cormano (Milano). Because of a conspicuous rise of production, Mr. Gianni had to move the production in a bigger establishment: in 1972 the first building in Opera was created which is today, after a restyling in the 80’s, CGM CIGIEMME S.P.A. headquarters.

Parallel to the increase in production the export activity grew, leading CGM CIGIEMME S.P.A. to be recognized as a global benchmark in the Non-Destructive Testing.

In 2016 the structure was modernized without changing the company style and identity.

Proud of its 60 years’ acquired experience in the subject, CGM CIGIEMME S.p.A. is an entity that exports almost the 70% of its systems all over the world. This allows the company to gain prestige on the market.


2016 – Facility re-styling in Opera – Milano