CGM CIGIEMME S.P.A. is a world leader company in providing Non-Destructive Testing (MT, PT and UT systems). Since 1958 CGM CIGIEMME S.P.A. has been accomplishing a network including over 30 countries all over the world.

We represent a totally Italian institution based in Opera (Milan), developed by 60 employees among technicians, engineers, financial and sales experts.

Our history begun 60 years ago with the advent of NDT technologies applied to the industrial sector. During the 70’s, CGM CIGIEMME S.p.A. increased the production of automatic systems, giving way to the production on a global scale. Nowadays we export more than the 70% of our production all over the world.

Decades ago, CGM CIGIEMME S.P.A. succeeded in understanding the importance of quality control and, therefore, established itself in the industrial business. Our goal is to guarantee the best productive quality service ever and make our 60 years’ experience available to customers.

Over the years, our production has been developing largely in two directions:

MT (Magnetic Particle Inspection System)

CGM CIGIEMME S.P.A. produces a high range of products linked to Magnetic Particle Inspection world, starting from small portable systems and products for defects evaluation till turnkey systems that totally satisfy customers’ needs.

PT (Liquid Penetrant Inspection System)

CGM CIGIEMME S.P.A. offers a complete range of chemical products for Dye Penetrant Testing and systems based on customers’ requests. Our production takes care of all accessories and instruments regarding this method.

Every step (study, design, production, assembly) is integrally carried out at our headquarters in Opera, Italy.

The use of NDT technologies in production processes has made it possible to improve the quality of everyday life, contributing to a clear increase in the safety of all of us.

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