CGM CIGIEMME S.p.A. is a world-leading manufacturer of non-destructive testing (NDT) equipment: Magnetic Particle Inspection (MT), Penetrant Inspection (PT) and Ultrasonic Inspection (UT) systems (this latter – exclusively for the Italian market in collaboration with Evident│Olympus).

We are an Italian company comprised of 60 employees and based in Opera (Milan) where all the stages of design, manufacturing and assembling of the equipment take place.

Through a well-developed network of agents and representatives CGM has presence in more than 30 countries all over the world.

Our history began 65 years ago with the advent of NDT technologies being applied in the industrial sector. During the 70’s, CGM increased the production of automatic systems, starting the production on a global scale. Nowadays CGM exports all over the world more than 70% of the systems it manufactures.

Decades ago, CGM was among the first to grasp the growing importance of quality control in the industrial sector and since then the company has established itself as a leader and a provider of cutting-edge NDT solutions for the customers from various industrial sectors. The company’s major markets include oil & gas / steelmaking, aerospace, railway and automotive components manufacturing.

Nowadays CGM designs and manufactures a complete range of Magnetic Testing (MT) and Penetrant Testing (PT) equipment, from the simple equipment to the automatic systems tailored to fit the customers’ specific needs, offering the whole range of consumable products, tools, accessories and instruments used in the MT and PT field.

In the Ultrasonic Testing (UT) field, CGM sells UT systems manufactured in partnership with Evident│Olympus, as well as a complete range of consumable products.

From the very beginning CGM mission has been that of guaranteeing our customers the best production quality and putting at their disposal all our know-how and over 60 years of experience in the NDT field. And today we continue to stay true to this mission!

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