The Magnetic Testing method (MT), aimed to highlight surface and sub-surface cracks, is realized by magnetizing the piece’s surface and spraying a magnetic particle liquid on the area that has to be inspected. In case of discontinuities, a magnetic flux “leakage” appears on the surface in correspondence with the discontinuity itself. The generated magnetic flux can attract fine-grained magnetic particles in order to get visible the indications.

The control technique is very sensitive and can detect defects even on parts covered with thin protective layers (for example paints), although with a slight decrease in sensitivity. The detection of the defects can be carried out using magnetic particles applied dry or by means of a suspension in a suitable liquid agent. The particles can be coloured to be visible in white light or fluorescent in Wood’s light (UV radiation). The fluorescent magnetic particles inspection technique reaches higher sensitivity.


The mode of operation of the Yoke is based on electromagnetic principle: when a coil (or solenoid) is crossed by electricity, a magnetic field is generated. The coils are wrapped on a laminated magnetic nucleus, which forms the body of the yoke. The magnetic core is provided with “contacts” having a possibility to be orientated on the inspection surface thanks to specific junctions. Feeding the coils of the yoke, the generated magnetic field generates two opposite polarities on the extremities of the nucleus which produce a magnetic field flux on the area to be checked.

Leaning these expansions on the part under inspection and activating simultaneously the “Yoke” and the application of the magnetic powder (wet or dry), it is possible to highlight cracks having orthogonal direction +/- 45° with reference to the direction of the magnetic field between expansions. It’s relevant to underline that at the same conditions the current passes through the piece, the magnetic field intensity is inversely proportional to the distance between the expansions on board the yoke and the surface

CGM CIGIEMME S.P.A. produces and supplies the full range of yokes: permanent magnets, 220 V, 48 V, in AC and/or DC. In addition, a battery powered version is available.

Lightweight, manageable, CE marked, realized in accordance with the rules in force.



CGM CIGIEMME S.p.A. manufactures “State of the Art” Electromagnetic Generators MAGISCOP. The smallest generators are available in the portable version while higher power ones are equipped with wheels in order to ease the transportation.

MAGISCOP generators are modular electric controlled. The predisposition, the launch and the magnetization current shutdown are obtained by thyristors. Pulse time and magnetization current are pre-adjustable through electronic timer and potentiometer.

CGM CIGIEMME S.P.A. produces two kinds of generators: “Yard” and “New”. In the Yard version, the switch between AC and DC current happens manually, moving the cable from the AC contact to the DC one. In the New version, the switch occurs using a selector and it is automatically managed by the generator. Moreover, in the New type the demagnetization can occur by automatic electronic ramp decreasing to zero in Ac and with polarity inversion in DC.

MAGISCOP generators are short-circuit proof and they are protected against liquid splashes and powders infiltrations in order to work safely in any industrial environment.

Electromagnetic generators range of power starts from 1.000 A till 10.000 A in AC/DC. Higher powers on demand.

CE marked and realized in accordance with the rules in force.



Universal magnetic benches for the magnetic inspection of ferromagnetic components (small, medium or large dimensions). The equipment lets the magnetic field be applied to the component in two directions: transversal and longitudinal, one direction per time or multi-directional.

Transversal magnetization can take place by passage of the current directly through the part under inspection or using a central conductor closed among the magnetizing heads. A perfect contact between the piece and the magnetizing heads is guaranteed by using special copper contact pads which minimize the risk of flaming.

Longitudinal magnetization can take place by a 5-turns movable coil in CEM version or by multiturn coils installed in the magnetization heads on board the CEMSA version. These benches can be moved and adjusted manually or semi-automatically as well as the spraying of magnetic ink. The bench is equipped by a collection and recirculation tank (both aqueous solution and oily solution).

When necessary, darkening booth for inspection with fluorescent magnetic liquids, UV or white light lamps equipped with their supports can complete the design of the bench. In case of using oil-based products, CGM CIGIEMME S.P.A. provides the installation of an aspiration window, fireproof curtains for the darkening booth and a safety tank for collecting possible liquid leakages placed under the bench in respect of CE environment legislation.

The size range of benches goes from 500 mm to 3.000 mm as working opening between heads, but CGM CIGIEMME S.P.A. can produce any kind of bench with different lengths. Regarding magnetizing currents and powers, benches in AC are available, as well as HWDC or FWDC, mono-phase, three-phases with powers which are usually in a range from 1.500 to 12.000 A. Upon request, powers can be modified.

CGM CIGIEMME S.P.A. systems are CE marked and realized in accordance with the rules in force.



After the magnetic test, the pieces usually need to be subjected to a process of demagnetization in order to bring their residual magnetizing value into the limits that are imposed by the reference standards. This kind of operation can be done by using a demagnetization tunnel.

CGM CIGIEMME S.P.A. produces a range of universal demagnetization tunnels with 200,300,400 mm coil diameters (different diameters upon request). The tunnel can be powered in CA or in DC.

Depending on requirements, the tunnel can be completed with a manual or automatic transporter, particular supports or any kind of equipment in order to make the system safe as much as possible.

CGM CIGIEMME S.P.A. systems are CE marked and they are realized in accordance with the rules in force.



In view of the high demand and development in the high-speed train context, in the last few years Non Destructive Testing sector has gained more relevance: the high quality and the reliability of the products have become fundamental.

CGM CIGIEMME S.p.A. overturns the traditional Magnetic Testing concept about axles and railway wheels by making relevant changes in the technologic field. The novelty is based on an ingenuous remote inspection system for railway axles and wheels: a combination of UV lights and HD cameras let the Operator, during the inspection cycle, the possibility to do a remote check using monitors outside the inspection cabin, searching for cracks directly from the working console in a comfortable position.

Systems are projected on our customers’ needs. They can work in a “stand-alone” configuration or they can be “in-line” in automatic production line.

The HMI of the machines is very innovative. The inspection can be monitored by an automatic compilation of Inspection Reports in order to get a detailed historical record.

High productivity, technologic efficiency and a great ergonomics represent the assets of these kind of systems.

CGM CIGIEMME S.P.A. systems are CE marked and they are realized in accordance with the rules in force.



The Aerospace Industry is undoubtedly a sector where quality controls play a fundamental role. The magnetic particle testing plays a crucial role for all the ferromagnetic components of the aircraft and is used on a large scale throughout the production chain and subsequently for maintenance.

Reference standards and certifications concerning aerospace might be really restrictive. CGM CIGIEMME S.p.A. has achieved a very long experience in the field. The systems CGM CIGIEMME S.p.A. produces are certifiable NADCAP and they are often tested and verified by external certification services.

The product range is quite large: it starts from universal magnetic benches and goes up to special magnetic systems that are designed for an optimised inspection of a specific component.

CGM CIGIEMME S.p.A. manufactures systems for the testing of internal and external surfaces of compressors or turbine shafts using UV vision head, systems for the inspection of landing gears and other critical components of the aircraft.

The magnetizing current used can be AC, HWDC and FWDC, mono or three-phase.

The methods of magnetization vary due to the complexity of the component and they are studied to guarantee the correct magnetization and the inspection of the 100% of the surfaces.

CGM CIGIEMME S.P.A. systems are CE marked and they are realized in accordance with the rules in force.



In the last decade, automotive market has recorded a huge increase in manufacturing quality. This phenomenon has increased quality control level and even the quality of the systems needed for inspection of automotive parts such as camshafts, driving shafts, and other essential components, which are indispensable for our safety. Our 60 years’ experience has let us invest in the study and in the research of different types of systems: from the simple one, to the fully automatic and complex one.

Because of a higher system output request, the biggest challenge in the automotive sector is to guarantee a high-quality inspection together with high productivity. In order to face this challenge, CGM CIGIEMME S.p.A. has developed high technological systems able to work with automatic handling systems. In this way, the operator would be focused just on the inspection, in an ergonomic perfect position, guaranteeing an excellent inspection quality.

CGM CIGIEMME S.p.A. systems are CE marked and realized in accordance with the rules in force.



Oil&Gas business is still one of the most important market for all NDT technologies. Sectoral legislations impose the 100% control of pipe and couplings in production with different methods of inspection.

Regarding couplings, CGM CIGIEMME S.p.A. creates systems designed for a high productivity inspection. They can be installed “in-line” in the coupling finishing shop: the perfect mix of high productivity and high-quality inspection.

Our systems stand out because of:

  • Flexible inspection of API,GOST,Semi-Premium,Premium connections;
  • Flexible layout solutions realized upon customer’s’ requests;
  • Multidirectional magnetization technique without contact in AC -DC;
  • Fully automatic handling system, minimization of the contact area during manipulation on the surface of the coupling;
  • 100% coupling inspection by an automatic inspection rotary table;
  • Automatic and fast adjustment of working parameters during production;
  • High level of operator safety during the inspection;
  • Optimized design of the of the magnetic liquid recycle system for the best recycle and a fast and easy maintenance.

CGM CIGIEMME S.p.A. systems are CE marked and realized in accordance with the rules in force.



CGM CIGIEMME S.p.A. provides magnetic systems for high productivity pipes end inspection. The systems can be installed “in-line” with finish pipe finishing line, satisfying the requested productivity.

CGM CIGIEMME S.p.A. systems cover the entire dimensional range of laminated OCTG, welded LSAW&HSAW, threated or not pipes.

Our systems stand out because of:

  • Flexible inspection of the whole range of pipes;
  • Flexible layout solutions realized upon customer’s’ requests;
  • Longitudinal and transversal magnetization technique without contact in AC-DC;
  • Internal and external surfaces inspection with pipe in rotation;
  • Fast setting of the parameters
  • High level of usage of the machine;
  • Few and quick maintenance;
  • Possibility to adapt the system to different solutions for handling pipes;
  • High level of operator safety during the inspection;
  • Optimized design of the of the magnetic liquid recycle system for the best recycle and a fast and easy maintenance.

CGM CIGIEMME S.P.A. systems are CE marked and realized in accordance with the rules in force.



In the industrial manufacturing chain, it is very important to start the quality control from the raw material. Because of this, CGM CIGIEMME S.p.A. is a leader company in inspection of square billets and round bars (pre-post lamination).

Solutions can be:

  • With contact: transversal magnetization is applied by a passage of current direct into the bars/billets. Longitudinal magnetization is achieved by a movable coil.
  • Without contact: both magnetizations take place without any passage of current through the bar/billet.

The first option ensures an excellent sensibility inspection of the longitudinal cracks, while the second one can boast a solid and lean layout. Both options can work with the equipment provided for in the finishing area. Pre-settings for dimensional change are automatic with data exchange through PLC with the customer’s automation system.

CGM CIGIEMME S.P.A. systems are CE marked and realized in accordance with the rules in force.