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General description

Spray version of the fast-evaporating, non-aqueous, non-halogenated solvent-based developer that creates an opaque white background for high-contrast inspection. The product’s high quality allows for a uniform and thin application which leads to reduced consumption of the penetrant. It can also be used to quickly check for “bleeding”, obtaining bright and clear indications. The developer is easily removable using the Velnet/Solnet product.


400 ml spray
Part Number: 03011210
10 l cans
Part Number: 02011200
200 l metal drums

In Compliance with

  • ASME V Art. 6
  • ASTM E165/E165M
  • ASTM E1417/E1417M
  • UNI EN ISO 3452-2 (Sensitivity level 4)
  • AMS 2644 (Complies with the standard, but not included in the QPL list)


  • Milky white color.
  • Easy to apply.
  • Dries quickly.
  • Generates a very contrasting background.
  • Maximum sensitivity.
  • Easy to remove.

Product Properties

Milky white
Type / Method
Method D – for Type 1 penetrants
Method E – for Type 2 and Type 3 penetrants
Flash point
≈ -20°C

User Recommendations

NDT Method
Color contrast and fluorescent liquid penetrant inspection
Shelf life
3 years at T between 0°C and 45°C
Usage temperature
From 0°C to 52°C
It can be used with all types of CGM penetrants

RED WW – Rotvel Avio B – Magisglow 3 – Magisglow 9 – Magisglow 17 – Magisglow 30 …etc.

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