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Author: Alice Colombini

MT systems for round bars and square billets

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In the industrial manufacturing chain, it is very important to start the quality control from the raw material. Because of this, CGM CIGIEMME S.p.A. is a leader company in inspection of square billets and round bars (pre-post lamination).

Solutions can be:

  • With contact: transversal magnetization is applied by a passage of current direct into the bars/billets. Longitudinal magnetization is achieved by a movable coil.

  • Without contact: both magnetizations take place without any passage of current through the bar/billet.

The first option ensures an excellent sensibility inspection of the longitudinal cracks, while the second one can boast a solid and lean layout. Both options can work with the equipment provided for in the finishing area. Pre-settings for dimensional change are automatic with data exchange through PLC with the customer’s automation system.

CGM CIGIEMME S.p.A. systems are CE marked and realized in accordance with the rules in force.

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CGM at ECNDT 2023

The ECNDT 2023 European exhibition recently came to a successful close. CGM CIGIEMME S.p.A, as always, seized the opportunity to participate in this important and significant event.

The exhibition covered various topics through conferences, with a particular focus on technical and scientific aspects. The latest advancements in research and development, as well as the application of non-destructive testing (NDT) in different industrial sectors, were presented.

CGM also showcased its solutions in the field of magnetic particles testing (MPI/MT) and penetrant testing (LPI/PT).

Mark your calendars for the next edition in Verona, scheduled for June 2026. Since “we will play at home”, it’s an event you can’t afford to miss!

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CGM at FITMA 2023

It was CGM’s very first time participating at the FITMA – Feria Internacional de Tecnología y Manufactura – and it turned out to be truly productive and fruitful three days in Mexico City.

Our team had a great opportunity to establish valuable business connections, as well as to demonstrate CGM’s latest cutting-edge Magnetic Particle Inspection (MT/MPI) and Liquid Penetrant Inspection (PT/LPI) solutions for various industries.

A huge thank you to the organizers and to everyone who has come to our booth and at the presentation delivered by Fernanda Melo and Michele Burei and entitled “Remote inspection and automatic defect recognition applied to magnetic particles and liquid penetrant systems”.

We hope to return to FITMA in 2025, and we look forward to expanding our network and developing more business opportunities in the Latin American market.

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Our Expert takes part in NDT Week 2023

Aerospace Testing International’s NDT Week Online 2023 to be held during June 27-29 is one of the major events for the NDT practitioners in the aerospace industry all across the world to discover new technology and best practice.

NDT Week Online 2023 is aimed at engineers and technicians of all levels using NDT systems and equipment across aerospace and aviation for testing, evaluation and inspection. The webinars and roundtables are spread across three days, allowing people to register and attend events to exchange ideas and quiz panelists.

Among these, we are pleased to announce that our Head of Global Sales Michele Burei (Level III in MT and PT) will be a part of the “Ask the Expert” panel to be held on Thursday June 29th at 3 p.m. (London time). He will talk about the NDT solutions by CGM for the aerospace industry, as well as will take live questions from the audience.

Click here to register.

We hope you’ll join in!

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CGM at 12th GNS

The 12th edition of the National Welding Days organized by the Welding Italian Institute was an excellent opportunity to nurture our relationships with the customers in this critical area of the steel-making industry where Magnetic Particle Testing (MPI/MT) and Liquid Penetrant Testing (LPI/PT) have always been indispensable and widely used.

The event was held in the evocative setting of the Old Port of Genoa, and a large number of visitors attended. Our President, Giorgio Savasta, also took an active part, warmly greeting our most loyal customers.

During the opening ceremony, the awarding of the winners of the Welding Olympics took place, where CGM was among the main sponsors: our CEO Federico Raggio awarded the GTAW Pipe Welder winner with a professional welding helmet and the supply of CGM consumables.

We look forward to participating in the next edition of this event.

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CGM at Control 2023

The 35th Control – International Quality Control Fair was a great success, the crowded pavilions were proof of that. Our Export Sales Manager Michele Burei took part in the excellent program of collateral events; he gave a detailed presentation on the latest developments regarding remote inspection and automatic recognition of defects applied to MT and PT systems. His speech was highly appreciated by the trade visitors, so much so that it was given twice!

Looking forward to returning to Stuttgart for the 36th edition, we surely confirm the organizers’ statement: “What an extraordinary week, that of Control!”.

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Two of ours employees obtained the CMSE® certification

CGM is proud to announce the obtaining of the CMSE® (Certified Machinery Safety Expert) certification by Eugenio Feneri, Head of Electrical Department (in the picture), and Matteo Borini, Head of Mechanical Department.

Safety is one of the crucial aspects when it comes to designing and manufacturing equipment of any kind, so more when it is NDT equipment.

CGM has always placed particular attention on the development and production of highly safe and reliable MPI/ MT and LPI/ PT systems.

The effort and dedication being shown by our employees in obtaining the CMSE accreditation – that is recognised worldwide and provides a comprehensive knowledge of machinery safety – are an important indicator of high level of professionalism, as well as of high quality of the systems being designed and manufactured here at CGM. All our customers can rest assured: with CGM, safety at work is always guaranteed.

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CGM at the Relay Milano Marathon 2023

On Sunday 2 April, the Relay Marathon 2023 took place, a race that places side by side the competitive event Milano Marathon: among the 3000 participating groups, one in particular should be celebrated in a big way for its achievements: CGM RUNNERS of course!

Anna, Ramona, Eugenio and Michele (the Team Building ideator) proved themselves through intense physical effort in order to end the 42 km Marathon in 4 hours and 33 minutes.

Good vibrations were the key to support the No Profit Charity Associations, to which the registration quotes were devolved: essentially, it was a real donation to one of the many projects that joined the event.

Given that CGM has been involved for 65 years in quality and common safety, our company is well aware of the importance of solidarity events and is extremely proud to have contributed to the income of more than 900,000 euros.

The Dynamo Camp Foundation is the No Profit Organization on which CGM has given support. The Dynamo Camp has been committed for years to offering specific Recreational Therapy programs free of charge to children and teenagers suffering from chronic diseases – in therapy or in the post-hospitalization period – to restore their self-confidence and own abilities, while improving the life quality of their families. What a good choice for us!

Congratulations guys! Your effort has certainly brought a smile to children in need and this is undoubtedly the greatest reward. Good job!

But don’t relax too much: the 2024 Marathon is coming!

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